Academy of Tourism Antalya
  • Founded :2006 year
  • Type of University : Private
  • StudyQA ranking: 6909 pts.
  • Offered programms: 3 Bachelor
  • No. Students: 1100
  • Study mode: 3 On campus
  • Languages of instruction: Russian, English
  • Phone:
  • +902423242407
  • Fax:
  • +902423231462

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Antalya Academy of Tourism trains internationally recognized experts in the tourism and hospitality industry. Antalya Academy of Tourism is a multi-national project baced on collaboration between the International College of Tourism in Antalya and educational Institutions in different countries worldwide, working in close collaboration with each other.

Antalya Academy of Tourism provides a wide selection of academic programs to provide a high quality education in the tourism and hospitality industry. The structure of the academic program combines practical skills, real life experiences, theoretical knowledge, language training and the development of managerial skills.

Antalya Academy of Tourism gives you a great opportunity to become a highly qualified expert and receive a professsional qualification that is valued by the labor market. Our training is based on a modular system which consists of lectures and seminars as well as on-site tutorials in hotels.

  • Hotel Management

    Hotel management is one of the leading trends of the international hospitality business as the number of hotels worldwide booms. An education in hotel management provides you with limitless career growth and successful career opportunities.

    Students will be expected to become proficient in management, marketing, human resource management and hospitality industry computer technologies during the course of studies.

    The educational curriculum combines theoretical training with practical skills, in addition it offers internships at the best hotels in Antalya.

Accredited by American Hotel&Lodging Educational Institute (EI&AH&LA).

The student team of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya is multinational.  Time outside of  classes is filled  with various events which further unites students from different countries even more.

Students of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya have an excellent opportunity to discover splendid historical and cultural heritage of Turkey, visit the most beautiful and interesting parts of the country and to learn a lot of new information about customs and traditions of the nation.  Along with that, during intercultural communications, students have the opportunity to exchange customs and cultures from  their own countries.

The majority of the students take an active part in the “out-of-class life” which  is full of all kinds of events and festivals.  Some of these  events have become a tradition and are held annually. Student parties arranged by the young students themselves are also very popular. In addition, students actively  participate in such projects organised by the Academy of Tourism such  as the Antalya International School Olympiad and the Youth Tourism Festival.  

The Academy pays great attention to the healthy life-style of the students. Students can exercise in the weight room, play football and basketball on open grounds by the sea, practice  karate  and taekwondo and go in for aerobics classes.

Furthermore, students may develop  their talents by attending creative studios: ballroom dances, hip-hop, vocal, etc. 

Staying at the sunny coast of the Mediterranean Sea, life is filled with study,  and interesting activities, and a plenty of new friends – all these factors will render the student school year unforgettable.


 Total capacity for the current campus of Antalya Academy of Tourism is 400 students. The following triaging facilities are available for the students of Antalya Academy of Tourism:

Twenty-two classrooms (1 – for 100 people, 2 – for 50 people, all the rest - smaller)

Language Lab for 16 people

Library: inhouse (with more than 15000 books)

2 Computer classes  for 30  people

Over-head projectors  and computers in 100% of the classrooms

5 laptops available for academic purposes

Sports hall for 50 people

Dance hall for 50 people

Conference hall with stage (also used for various performances) for 140 people

Dining hall for 250 people

Transportation resources (one microbus, 2 minivans, one big bus)

Meeting room for 20 people

 New campus is being constructed at the moment. Capacity of the new campus is 700 students. New campus launch date – March 2015. Total square is  8000 square meters.  New facilities which will be available at new campus:

Swimming pool

Medical center

Fitness center

Various laboratories


 Antalya academy of  Tourism cooperates with near-by 5* hotels and students can use hotels facilities for practical lessons and development . One can find 2 Information technologies laboratories at the Academy,  Housekeeping, F&B Laboratory and a Kitchen.


 The student residence of the Academy of Tourism is based at a three-star hotel in Lara – one of the most prestigious districts of Antalya.  The student residence is located within 10-15 minutes walking from the Academy educational building.

 Students are offered different options of accommodation: single, double and triple rooms with balcony, shower and toilet, air conditioner and TV set in each of them. Wireless Internet access and ironing room and laundry are available within the student residence.

Once at the student residence, lodgers may choose a full-board or room-only option. Three meals daily are offered including European, Russian and Turkish dishes, salad bar, fruits and pastry. 


 One can find library with more than 15000 books on tourism, hospitality, F&B, hotel management at Antalya Academy of Tourism premises. Moreover, students and teachers  have access to EI-AHLA e-library, to UNWTO,  ATLAS  online resources. 

Being a student anywhere can sometimes feel full of stress. Whether you are struggling with a upset because of something going on in your life, you feel too ill to take an exam, you are considering taking time away from the Institute, or you just don’t know who to talk to, we can help.

Antalya Academy of Tourism offers Student Support Services  -  a student-centered and welcoming learning environment, reflecting our values of excellence, diversity, and mutual respect. Students Support activities include orientation and adaptation programs, financial support of talented students (we offer various scholarship competitions), psychologist and academic advisors’ services.

Our students Support Services include: 

Security Service

Health Service

Counselling Service

Group Tutor

Our students Support Services include.

 1. Security Service  exists to support the University’s overall aims by ensuring as far as possible, a safe, secure and friendly environment for students, staff and visitors, free from injury, personal threat, damage and theft. Come to us for...

Emergency response requirements - Doctor, Ambulance and Fire

Safety and Security issues on and off campus 

2. Health Services include:

Primary health care

A consultation with a doctor or nurse

Vaccinations or advice on vaccinations

Sickness certification

Emergency help

3. Counselling Service provides an opportunity for all students at any level and at any time of study at the Antalya Academy of Tourism to access professional psycho-therapeutic counselling so that they may better develop and fulfil their personal, academic and professional potential. The service is also available to all staff. Visit us anytime, when you:

Are having problems with relationships

Are suffering from depression

Are having problems with self/identity

Are experiencing stress/anxiety 

4. Group Tutor

4.1. Each group of students have a Group Tutor that is responsible for helping students with their academic and everyday problems. The role of the Group  Tutor is:

To provide general academic advice

To give students help and advice about pastoral/non-academic

To assist students with the induction and orientation into university life

4.2. The Group Tutor will help you if you have:

Concerns about academic ability/study problems

Enquiries about course changes

Homesickness and loneliness

Financial issues

Accommodation concerns

High standards of education from the best hospitality & tourism professionals

Individual approach to each student 

BA in 3 years only

3 qualifications in 3 years ( Hotel management, F&B Management, Economy in Tourism & Catering)

Paid internships at the best 5-star hotels

3 diplomas - American, Turkish, EU diploma

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