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    December 1stApplicants from Nordic countries: April 15th

    The International Fisheries Management programme examines multidisciplinary management problems in the exploitation of marine and freshwater resources.

    The student carries out six course modules over a period of 1.5 years (total of 60 ECTS). The students then do their fieldwork to gather data and information for the thesis (30 ECTS). A typical thesis is problem-oriented and the model can be based on both primary and secondary data. Themes should require a limited amount of field or experimental work, due to the time constraint, and the thesis should include a literature survey or review, theory and methods used, data applied, results and policy and managerial implications.

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    The prerequisite for admission is a minimum of three-years study at university level, which is equivalent to a Norwegian Bachelor??s Degree in Biology, economics, social sciences or combinations of these. Conditional admission may be permitted in cases where the student lacks the required prerequisites. In addition, a letter of purpose is required.The entry is competitive and based on educational background and professional experience, as well as stated purpose. For more info. please visit:
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