Career Options for Geography graduates

 Since geography is a very diverse discipline, career options for Geography graduates depend on their chosen specialization. Here is a list of several possible career paths.


Environment consultant

Environment consultants advise various commercial and public companies how to reduce their negative impact on the environment. The main employers of environment consultants are environmental consulting firms, but sometimes consultants are self-employed.


Secondary school teacher

Some geography graduates start a career of secondary school teacher - it is the best choice for those who love children as much as they love their subject and wish to encourage the younger generation to develop in this area. This career path requires a completed teacher qualification unless you have a degree in the education area.



Cartographer is one of the most obvious career options for Geography graduates.  Cartographers make maps of the earth's surface, and also correct existing ones. Cartographers are involved in many spheres of life of mankind, such as military affairs, ecology and environmental protection, government and media.


Urban planner

Urban planning includes the consideration of features of the future city landscape, that is why urban planning is deeply connected with geography.


Geography graduates holding a Bachelor degree often decide to continue their education: higher level degree in geography opens more advanced career opportunities and allows to start a career in academic area.

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