Entry requirements for Economics applicants

Most universities have special requirements for Economics applicants.


Grades in high school play the main role in applying for an undergraduate degree. Usually Economics applicants need to hold A-level in Maths and sometimes also in History and other Social Sciences. But Manchester University, for example, provide a list of subjects, and applicant should hold the A-level in at least one of these subjects: Accounting, Anthropology, Business Studies, Classics, Economics, English Language/Literature, Further Mathematics, Geography, History, Law, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Use of Mathematics and World Development.

Motivation letter

All applicants should provide a persuasive motivation letter, in which they explain reasons of applying for Economics degree. Some information about motivation letters for Business and Economics applicants can be found here.

Additional exams

Usually universities require applicants to pass an interview with academic staff of the university.

Some universities, for example, University of Cambridge, require a written assessment for Economics before the interview with academic stuff.

Note that admission for  Economics study programs in world leading institutions is usually highly competitive  - that is why universities organize Skype interviews and special exams for potential students. Being admitted in these universities is very hard, but it isn’t impossible. If you have written your motivation letter carefully, speak English fluently and can prove it with certificates, prepare yourself for additional exams and have been studying well in high school, you have all chances to start your education in world’s best institutions, such as MIT or University of Cambridge.





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