Degrees in Directing

If you wish to create movies by yourself, then you should choose one of the Directing study programs for your future applying.

Directing can be taught as a separate undergraduate study program or as a major in film studies degree.

Entry requirements

Applicants for study programs in Directing usually need to pass an audition or an interview, where they should provide their work portfolio. Sometimes applicants need to read an excerpt from their written or adapted play.

English proficiency is always required.

Program structure

Besides lectures and workshops in Directing, students receive courses in such disciplines as Acting, Stage Voice, Film and Theatre History, Playwriting and stage management. The totality of these disciplines provides a comprehensive understanding of how the cinema works, and also enables graduates to begin a career in filming as actors.

Career options

After completing a degree in Directing graduates most likely start a career as  assistant directors, and after gaining some work experience become main directors. Graduates holding a degree in Directing can also start career as actors or producers.

Usually a Bachelor degree in Directing is enough to start a career, but some graduates decide to continue education to develop their skills and be able to apply for a more advanced job offer.

Study programs in Directing

You can find several degree options in Directing by using our website, for example,  MFA in Theatre Directing in University of Essex, UK,  MA Directing in University of Birmingham, UK, or  MA Directing in Northwestern University, USA.

Use Search button to find more interesting study programs. Separate undergraduate study programs in Directing are not that common, so you can apply for one of the Bachelor study programs in Film Studies and then choose a specialization in Directing.




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