Audition for Film and Theatre studies

Usually universities require applicants for Film and Theatre studies to an audition or an interview. The content of the interview or audition depends on the chosen specialization. Furthermore, every institutions has its own specific rules, but basic rules are similar for all institutions.

Audition for Acting study programs

Those who wish to apply for one of the Acting study programs, usually need to prepare several (usually two) two-minute (or larger) monologues. Traditionally, applicants prepare a monologue from Shakespeare.

Note that usually universities require applicants to pay an audition fee (which cannot be refunded if you are not accepted for study program).

Audition for Performance study programs

An audition for Theatre Performance study programs usually includes more items - besides two or more monologues, applicants also need to perform a poetry set, spoken word, improvisation or other performing art they would like to specialise at. Those who are applying for playwriting study programs will also need to submit a part of a play they had written.

Admission for Theatre and Film design study programs (or other non-performing degree programs)

Those who apply for a non-performing degree program in Film and Theatre studies (such as Directing or Theatre design) usually need to submit their portfolio online, by main or bring it to the interview and demonstrate in to the admission stuff. Some universities require a personal face-to-face interview, some universities allow applicants to have an interview by Skype.

Further requirements depend on the chosen specialization.





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